Racks for sliding gates

Racks for sliding gates are among the numerous quality products that Zanatta Romeo’s mechanical workshops produce. They range from Quality 10 to Quality 9, based on the scale of the required precision index. The materials used to build them are common steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. In addition, to improve its resistance and counteract the wear of time, all are reinforced thanks to the galvanic treatment, depending on the application and product’s material.

Zanatta Romeo mechanical workshops work only with cutting-edge machinery. CNC tooth machines with clamps and magnetic top, the CNC straighteners allow obtaining a straightness tolerance of up to 0.1 millimetres per metre.
The company also performs milling and CNC drilling up to L=5000. Quality 6 is achieved thanks to the racks’ milling, which is carried out both on the surfaces and on the teeth, both concerning straight and helical teeth.

Upon request, it is also possible to die-cast plastic materials. The dimensional verification takes place thanks to a machine that certifies the quality of the racks.
Lastly, the mechanical workshops can also develop samples. With extremely short delivery times it is possible to have the desired product directly where it is needed, whether it is a single product or a consistent order.

As for the quality of the product, just think that Zanatta also manufactures flat racks for industrial use for even complex machinery. Since 1972 the company has been dealing with these products and gears.

With over 100 machines available to experienced and qualified personnel, the company is committed to professionalism and quality to “overcome the challenge with the future and establish itself as one of the benchmarks of the market”.

Quality 10 rack

These are the cheapest sliding gate racks, and they do not need to withstand large tolerances. Of this quality, models with helical or straight teeth are available. In both cases, they are made from material drawn in tolerance h11, but the first solution is more suitable for every situation where the product has to withstand heavy structures.

Quality 9 rack

With Quality 9, four solutions are available: in addition to the variants with straight and helical teeth, we also find racks with straight perforated and helical perforated teeth.
In this case, all are made from extruded material in tolerance h11, designed for functions without particular stresses, or need for heat treatments.
They are suitable for use with automation with low repeatability and do not require particular precision. Likewise, they can be indicated for linear drives where silence is not essential.

Quality Rack 8

With Quality 8, the cheapest products are exceeded to achieve a higher variety and quality. There are eight available models, to meet the most diverse needs. We have quality sliding gate racks with straight teeth and fully milled surfaces, an excellent compromise between precision and cost, perfect for all applications where excellent performance is required without exceeding a limited budget. It can be manufactured in C45, C45 tempered, 42CrMo4 tempered and 39NiCrMo3 tempered.

The same model is also available as a perforated rack, leaving all the advantages intact. Both also have a high level of silence.

Then we have helical tooth racks, even perforated, of the same quality, designed to be precise and silent, but always staying within affordable price ranges. The particular construction allows use even in the presence of high loads. Available in the same materials as straight-toothed racks of the same quality.

Then we have a straight-toothed product with milled teeth but on extruded material. An ideal solution for those who need the quietness of a rack with milled teeth, but with the cost-effectiveness that the extruded material guarantees. The same model is also available on a perforated rack.

We then have similar products, both standard and perforated, with helical teeth on extruded material. In this case, the silence and economy are guaranteed, as in the previous case, but higher loads can be used without the product being affected.

Quality 7 racks

With this quality, the product range increases a lot. Once again, we have perforated or normal racks, with helical cogs, milled surfaces and gears. It is a rack of great precision, able to withstand even very high loads without being affected. All combined with the great silence that distinguishes them.

They are heat-treated to ensure a constant yield over time and to make them more resistant and always efficient. (this type of treatment is variable, depending on the material chosen to build the piece). Available in materials C45, C45 tempered, 42CrMo4 tempered, 39niCrMo3 tempered, 18NiCrMo quenched.
All can be reinforced with induction hardening.

The same model, but with straight teeth. Available in perforated version or not, always guaranteeing precision and silence, but the possibility of handling lighter loads. The materials available are the same as the previous racks in this quality range, as well as it is always possible to carry out the heat treatment to ensure better performance. (Also in this case the type of treatment is variable depending on the material chosen)

Quality 6 racks

These are the highest quality racks, the best products available. The straight-toothed rack in Quality 6 with milled surfaces and toothing ensures near-perfect accuracy, combined with maximum quietness and light load carrying. They are also strengthened thanks to the heat treatment of the previous range.

Available in many different materials: C45, C45, tempered, 42CrMo4 tempered, 39NiCrMo4 tempered, 18NiCrMo quenched. All are treated with induction hardening. The same characteristics are presented by the perforated rack with straight teeth, teething and completely milled surfaces.

In this range, we also find helical tooth racks, made of the same materials as those with straight teeth, and which enjoy the same heat treatment process. There are no better products in terms of not only the very high precision but also the silence, guaranteed by the construction process. They also have the advantage, compared to previous ones, of being able to carry much heavier loads without problems. Repeatability is also not a problem for this product.

Round racks

Among the possibilities proposed, we also find a round rack with straight cog teeth, which is placed in the Quality 9 range. Made from the economic h11 category extruded material, it guarantees good use where no particular stresses or resistance to loads are required, nor extreme precision or silence. Available in h11 extruded C45, they can adapt better than all the other products in the catalogue in specific situations.

Custom racks

If the catalogue does not meet your needs, the Zanatta Romeo website also offers the possibility of requesting racks for custom sliding gates. The great flexibility and professionalism allow the company to manufacture also custom pieces, guaranteeing delivery with reduced time, but without sacrificing the usual quality, typical of its products.

To do this, and thus obtain the perfect rack for sliding gates, you will have to select the type of product among all those that have been illustrated previously, choosing the material and type of teeth, in addition to the possible milling of the surfaces and teeth. At this point, you will have a very large editor, which allows you to alter various parameters.

You can affect the module, the width (from 8 to 500 mm), the height (starting from 12 to 500 mm), the propeller angle, the orientation of the propeller, and the nominal length (variable from 50 to 6000 mm).

The holes, if any, can also be customised as desired; hole size, lamination, plug hole, the distance between the holes, number of holes, depth of the lamination, and distance of the hole from the base and the head of the rack.

It will then be possible, depending on the availability that the chosen material allows, to also select the heat treatment, whether tempered or quenched.

A preview will allow you to keep an eye out for changes to your product, ensuring that it will be produced as you wish. You can also generate CAD and PDF datasheets for more detailed views. Once the piece is exactly as you want it, just forward the request to the company. The latter will proceed with the assignment of an offer as required, taking into account the complexity of the piece, materials and quality, and any heat treatments.