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Officine Meccaniche Zanatta Romeo, machining of racks and gears.

Quality and Precision are the weapons that have allowed OFFICINE MECCANICHE ZANATTA ROMEO to win the challenge with the future and establish themselves as one of the reference points on the market for the production of racks and gears.

With over 100 machines available, the company combines ancient craftsmanship with technological innovation, thus managing to meet the various needs of its customers, ranging from mass production to the creation of a single piece by design.

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Maximum precision in the production process and careful attention to details.

Zanatta also specialises in the production of racks ranging from Quality 10 to Quality 6 on the precision index.

The metals we use include simple steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

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Latest News

Convex gears

Convex gears Most of the gears currently in production are classified simply as convex, mainly to distinguish them from those intended for use with worm screws that instead have an inwardly excavated profile, when observed along the cutting line and from conical torques. Our company, Officine Meccaniche Zanatta deals with

Galvanised racks

Galvanised racks Galvanised racks are among the most popular products in terms of the construction of horizontal actuators and translators, but also on a curved profile, for domestic applications, in particular for the construction of gates. The galvanic application on steel allows for minimising the risk of attack by water-related

Round racks

Production of round racks The racks sector of application is very wide and ranges from precision actuators for mechanics, where very specific performances are required and often the possibility of combining products with stepper motors, as an excellent alternative to hydraulic shafts and worm screws, gates and locks, for example

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