What is a rack

By rack we mean a gear with a rod shape or oriented horizontally, to transform the rotary motion into linear and vice versa. We are talking about an extremely useful mechanism in different industrial sectors, which uses two gear wheels, one of which with infinite radius, which slide over each other fitting perfectly and allowing the normal flow of the appliance.

Several are the parameters to be taken into account when you need an element of this kind, such as the size, the type of teeth, the material used, the application and the level of precision. In this article, we will analyse in detail what are the straight perforated tooth racks, which represent one of the flagship products of Officine Meccaniche Zanatta, a company that for years has been involved in the realisation of precision mechanisms of this kind, all placed in a quality range that starts from 10 and reaches 6, the maximum level that can be obtained in this area to allow the operation of all kinds of industrial equipment.

What are the features of a perforated straight-toothed rack

A perforated straight-toothed rack is a special gear variant with some specific characteristics and is among the high-precision models.
It is therefore suitable for use in specialised industrial sectors, which require exemplary operation of their machinery without the slightest margin of error.
Let’s see what are the particular aspects of this product, which can be purchased at Officine Meccaniche Zanatta both individually and in large quantities, according to the customer’s requests.

Like all other racks, even the perforated straight-toothed one is usually made of tempered or stainless steel, simple or made as an alloy, depending on the characteristics of resistance and malleability that it must possess.

In fact, it greatly affects the type of use that will be made of the rack, since some machines carry out their work without undergoing any stress, others instead must lift rather substantial weights and bear important loads.
The choice of material is therefore constrained to the occasion of use and must be evaluated by a professional in the sector to be effective not only in the short term but also in the long term.

In some cases, it is possible to use die-cast plastic materials, which offer valid results but only if the machinery in question does not act at high temperatures and does not provide lifting of objects.

Characterising the rack with straight perforated teeth is precisely the shape of such cogs’ teeth, which is given by a series of procedures that realise an identical sequence that repeats itself, completely free of imperfections following careful quality control, which is carried out in a workmanlike manner at the Officine Meccaniche Zanatta.

In this case, the teeth have the shape of a trapezium and branch perpendicularly to the base. For the machinery to perform its work correctly, the main element to be taken into account is precisely the cogs’ teeth.

The perforated straight-tooth rack can be made in different sizes, which are subordinate to the type of use that is intended to be made. There are tiny variants dedicated to the precision industry, others very large that are instead suitable for sectors that do not require using a complete margin of error-free.

Officine Meccaniche Zanatta creates models of all sizes, based on the needs of the client both individually and in series. A further aspect to take into account when talking about racks with straight perforated teeth is their quality, that is the unit of measurement with which the precision of construction of the toothed part is calculated.

On a scale that starts from 10, the range on which those of the Officine Meccaniche Zanatta stand reaches up to 6, denoting a higher accuracy than many of the competitors in the sector. It is in any case elements equipped with an infinitesimal precision, heat treated with a treatment that changes according to the type of material that is being worked.

The characteristic of these models is a good silence, which makes them suitable in any type of industrial plant but also (in the case of quality 10) for a narrower use such as domestic.

In fact, it is not necessary to think only of the large privileged customer establishments, but also of all private individuals who have a sliding gate for domestic use or other simple devices that can be used in every home.

The Officine Meccaniche Zanatta ensure precision, resistance and long life for this product since the materials used are qualitatively superior and chosen according to the use that will be made of the product following a careful design and a series of practical tests.

How to make a perforated straight-tooth rack

The company is involved every day in creating a perforated straight-tooth rack in a workmanlike manner, using the best machinery currently on the market.

It starts with CNC gears that operate with a magnetic plane and clamps, able to create a perfectly identical sequence in each element, where the tolerance index is only 0.015 mm/mt, minimum compared to many other companies that act in the same area but cannot maintain a level of equally high precision.

Subsequently, the rack is then subjected to a CNC straightener, which in this case specifically verifies if the teeth are all perfectly straight and fit together, thus being able to transform the rotary motion into linear and vice versa.

For the two wheels to slide perfectly on each other, the operation must be performed correctly and subjected to precise verification. The next steps consist of milling, which smoothens the material and guarantees the desired shape which is usually that of the parallelepiped, and drilling up to L=5000. At the end of the procedure, we can perform quality control through a special dimensional machine, ideal to verify that each tooth has the same characteristics and is perfectly usable for the purpose set.

The same expertise and speed are put both in mass production and in the creation of a single gear, ensuring very reduced delivery times so that even the customers can continue their work without unnecessary waiting.
All this is carried out by a highly qualified staff, within a plant equipped with the most modern equipment, so that it is possible to combine speed with quality, supplying the entire surrounding territory and always maintaining very high standards.

Which sectors are the perforated straight-toothed racks used in

Being a rather precise type of rack, usually, the greatest demand comes from industries that deal with the processing of wood, plastics, aluminium and glass and that have high-precision machinery that cannot accept a simpler and less precise rack.

In this area, a Quality 6 is necessary, since objects processed with centesimal accuracy are produced.
The same product is used in all those water or plasma cutting machines, or for straighteners that also undergo considerable stresses and must exert a considerable force.
For this reason, in this case, tempered steel is mainly used and not die-cast plastic, since a decidedly greater resistance is required and therefore an alloy is what is needed to ensure optimal performance over time.
Finally, straight-toothed racks lend themselves to the realisation of milling cutters, used in different areas of the market and between different materials.

How to request a consultation at Officine Meccaniche Zanatta

If you want to obtain a supply of fine-tuned racks with straight perforated teeth, contact Officine Meccaniche Zanatta with confidence to request a free quote, without obligation, bearing in mind the intended use, delivery times and any other need.

In this way, we can carry out an accurate selection of the material, the chosen type of tooth and the size of the gear, to compose an ad hoc and non-standardised solution as it is frequently found on the market, often unsuitable concerning the request and very little durable over time.

The prices are decidedly competitive with respect to the competitors in the sector, against an important quality and the guarantee of years of experience accumulated by a staff always updated on the latest news of a constantly evolving sector, both in terms of machinery and processing techniques, managing to offer an excellent assistance service able to make a difference.