Helical tooth rack

Officine Meccaniche Zanatta is specialised in the production of precision components and particular racks for industrial applications. These are accessories that convert a circular movement into a straight or curvilinear one, depending on the main profile and can be made both straight and in the form of helical tooth racks.

The different shaping results in different performances, in particular concerning the mode of release of the bit, i.e. the gear wheel. These racks can be used both as active elements, on the side of the engine block or the piston, and passive in the transmission chain, depending on the type of use.

The main difference between a straight profile, where all the teeth are made up of parallel segments with a certain degree of depth and bevel, and the helical one lies in the progressive transmission of the force.

Precision helical tooth rack

All our processes are carried out starting from full blocks of steel with a square profile, or flat depending on the type of application and the dimensioning of the individual teeth is made according to the criterion of maximum resistance, that is, the duration against stress is preferred as the primary parameter.

This is linked to the hardness of the material, to the surface treatment that can be done in the form of post-cut annealing, i.e. realignment of the clivial planes and reduction of the surface breaks of the lattice, in the case of alloys, but also if it is homogeneous steel.

Subsequently, finishing machining is carried out exclusively with a CNC machine with direct control over the piece being made with digital instruments for the control of sample consistency and which allows the oscillations in height and width of the individual teeth to be homogenised.

This is necessary to allow your machines to transmit the force with a constant start without suffering tearing effects, which could endanger large structures and cause the very dangerous phenomenon of non-linear oscillations, i.e. vibrations that make gates and moving planes tremble, especially in the case of old installations.

Helical profile racks guarantee an exceptional seal if they are coupled with gears designed specifically for this type of application, with a force transmission capacity and consequently an absolute optimisation of the consumption peak on the engine.

The management of the current absorption linked to the starting point is necessary, otherwise, it translates, in the case of a project not carried out in a workmanlike manner, into sudden and not budgeted blocking phenomena, with a much higher frequency than the ordinary one.

Machining of multi-module helical racks

From a technical and engineering point of view, we can produce for your different types of helical tooth racks, with quality ranging from 6 to 10 and different additional machining with high alignment machines such as drilling and milling.

Concerning materials, the applicability of a mechanical accessory is closely linked to the starting alloy. There are applications where it may be necessary to use plastic, for example in the case of devices that have the first need for lightness and that transmit a limited amount of force in the starting phase, up to steel.

In our catalogue, you can discover all the advantages of alloys such as C45, AISI304, AISI303, 18NiCrMo5, and 39NiCrMo3, among the main ones, but we are also available for other metals on request, as well as for nylon.

We work for you from selected raw materials that are supplied to us through a privileged chain and that include different types of steel from simple to alloy, with different titrations, suitable for corrosive environments or with certain risk factors, up to stainless steel with various grades.

The selection of our materials was made based on experience gained directly in the field by all our technicians in charge, both the engineers in the design studio and the workers involved in the use of CNC machines.

We have taken care to choose materials with high modulus for you, to guarantee a level of fineness of the processing and above all the curvatures of the teeth, thus reducing negative factors such as noise and unwanted oscillations.

These, in particular in the case of installations with support not completely supportive, for example, if it is a case of fixing the rack of a gate to the ground in cement or brick, limit the risk that screws and bolts can be damaged or detached over time.

All-in-factory processing

Our project flow naturally starts from the data you provide us, which can be a sketch, in the case of applications that require this specific type of simplifying approach, up to the complete CAD file.

For you, we provide not only the formalisation and production of the single piece but also the verification of the actual characteristics requested by you, a fundamental factor to avoid an investment that can become a problem.

If there is an incompatibility between the solution requested by you and the physically feasible one, in the workshop we will promptly communicate our vision to your technicians and provide all the necessary advice to align any deficiencies or difficulties in the management of the material during the design phase.

All our technicians, from the design department to the administrators of CNC machines have received high-level training specific to their role, but they are also required for an interdisciplinary relationship that we need to grow as a company for the production of precision helical tooth racks.

Working in watertight compartments is the worst possible strategy for a manufacturer of mechanical components because the absence of the right degree of feedback promptly translates into problems in the implementation phase.

This is why we are always at the forefront if there is a need to create a relationship of trust and communication between the individual layers of production. Our workshop is at your complete disposal for every correction and modification to the project.
Above all, we have evolved to guarantee you thanks to an all-in-factory strategy of being able to establish with great precision the timing and methods of the machining, whether it is to create a single helical rack element, for example for a gate to be updated or for a prototype, or whether the work concerns large batches.

We operate with a production speed in line with your business strategies for maximum satisfaction, in the range of modules ranging from 0.5 to 30.

Everything is obtained from the top-quality steel surface, or die-cast in the case of specific applications, both with nylon and diecast alloys. On each batch or piece, depending on the type of intervention, we carry out all the necessary tests regarding the quality of the helical profile alignments, the curves and above all the degree of hardness and surface quality.

The CNC machines at our disposal, with many degrees of freedom, allow us to produce extremely fine details for you, concerning the lateral planes of the helical toothed racks and their elements, thus allowing a perfect matching with any component.

In addition, we can produce elements of length for a maximum of 6 continuous metres per single rack, thus reducing the unpleasant phenomenon of poor coupling alignment.
Obviously, since these are high-precision works, we provide not only for the production but also for the milling up to 0.03 mm/m concerning the lateral inclination and the prevention of torsional phenomena.

We always check that our processes, which are carried out strictly at low temperatures using synthetic-based lubricants for tungsten carbide tools, do not cause deformations, in particular when the thickness of the material removed is significant compared to that of the original starting steel bar or nylon block from which a helical tooth rack was obtained.

Precision mechanics for your helical tooth racks

For your precision mechanics work and for the realisation of your high-reliability components, contact our representatives. All the office technicians are at your complete disposal for any kind of in-depth analysis.

Rely on our accurate and reliable cost estimates, both for small batches and for large runs with regard to the production of helical toothed racks and other elements, from the fittings to the gears.

We offer exclusively top-quality materials and a process with all the verification tests, necessary to ensure that your piece has the ideal behaviour possible, minimising vibrations, cracks and twists, but guaranteeing an excellent force transmission under every application hypothesis.

We also provide excellence in the case of assembly in environments that are aggressive from a chemical or physical point of view, for example, for areas with hard suspended particulates, for which there is a need for hot surface treatments and annealing, such as to make the abutment surface of our racks absolutely indestructible.