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Find the solution you’ve always been looking for: Zanatta racks.

Quieter, faster, more precise: Zanatta racks are unbeatable in terms of quality. With more than 100 machines in our workshops, we are able to offer a huge range of options, and produce highly technical solutions for every specific need. Zanatta creates racks for gates and for industrial use, using simple steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. You can order racks from our catalogue or have them made to order. High quality is always guaranteed, with a precision rating of between 10 and 6. The Zanatta workshops are equipped with such instruments as CNC gear-cutting machines, and we can perform CNC straightening, CNC milling and boring, and grinding of surfaces and gear teeth. We also make use of a 3-D measuring machine. Zanatta can produce either single pieces or large quantities. In addition, we can supply metal gears, both in standard designs and to order. The company produces both ring gears and pinion gears for chains.

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The metal gears produced by Zanatta are characterised by their precision workmanship and attention to detail. Zanatta also specialises in the production of racks ranging from Quality 10 to Quality 6 on the precision index. The metals we use include simple steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.


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